Thursday 4 April 2019

Avon and Friends

Avon Peters

Photo by John Griffiths
Avon is the official Mt Chocolate Site Manager.

Much loved by local kids, she patrols the boundaries, for anyone she can smooch.

Some days, the neighbouring horses and her take turns racing each other along the boundary fence after a good bit of nose touching.

She also races her friends coming up the road on the other side of the fence, especially the local postie who dotes on Avon.

Avon plans to be mum to all chickens, ducklings and small puppies who wander past on an evening stroll.

1 comment:

  1. Avon has such an amazing nature, gentle, kind and very loving. Our Flemish Giant Rabbit Anaru allowed Avon to snuggle up with him in his den, would race to her anytime she sounded distressed. In return Avon would lick bath her brother. There have been so many special moments, Avon, Phineas and Anaru chilling out together, getting into mischief, snuggles, playing.